Authors guidelines

Manuscripts, accepted for publication, must neither be previously published or considered for publication in any other journal or conference proceedings. Manuscripts are required to be scientifically relevant and comply with the conference sections.

The editorial board recommends using a template to prepare the manuscripts for submission.

The final text formatting (font, fields, etc.) is performed by the editorial office. However, the editors reserve the right to obligate authors to prepare their manuscripts in accordance with the template as precisely as possible.

The authors are required to provide reliable information regarding their qualifications, affiliation, ORCID and e-mail address in the manuscript.

Submission of the manuscript

Authors must submit manuscripts online only, using a special page on the conference website.

In special cases, authors are allowed to submit the manuscript directly to the editor-in-chief by e-mail.

Length of manuscripts

The manuscripts are expected to be between 500 - 1500 words. However, the editorial board does not restrict the length of manuscripts if it is justified by the nature of the research. 

Manuscript structure

The manuscript should include the following points: title; keywords; introduction; methodology; findings; references. However, authors may add additional elements to the manuscript that are important for the presentation of the research (e.g. Acknowledgements).


All references are formatted according to the style APA 6th Edition.

Figures, graphs and equations

The figures, graphs, and equations are given both in the text of the manuscript and are sent as separate files with the mandatory indication of the source.