Special sections

Special session 1

Virtualization of Social Life and Social Self-Organization

Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science and Ukrainian Synergetic Society

May 12, 2022

Key speakers

Bevzenko L. Meta-modern Culture, Virtual Worlds, Self-Organization.

Dobronravova I. The Public and the Private in Internet Space/

Kochubey N. On-line events as means of social self-organization/

Kozoborodova D., Psycho-dimensionality of social reality in the social-philosophical aspect of digitalization.

Melkov Y. Self-organization and On-line Education: Social Values in Virtual Communities. 

Nesterova M. Social Innovations and Virtual Communities Engagements.

Seliverstova A., Towards the virtualization/digitization of society

Sidorenko L. Virtual Education Practices: what “Lost in Translation”

Yershova-Babenko I. Dissipative structures of human-dimensionality in digital society.  


Special session 2

International politics: the balance of moral responsibility and national interests

Special session 3

Virtual space and war

Modern everyday life cannot be imagined without virtual space. Every day we use gadgets to make our life more convenient and informative. We are immersed in social networks that virtualise our identity. We are no longer capable of opposing reality and virtual space. Instead, we are talking about a joint supplement. However, the war has adjusted the ordinary course of life. At the same time, the configuration of relations with the virtual space is changed. Our special section is devoted to these changes and their reflection.